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Foreign press called Parovoz studio a russian Pixar

Eloa Orazem, a journalist at the Update or Die magazine — a popular Portuguese community of creative professionals — visited Parovoz studio and shared her impressions in an article where she called Parovoz studio a Russian version of Pixar. Parovoz studio, a Russian Pixar has grown approximately by 1000% per cents in three years and has no intention to stop.

Alibaba Group bought 10 animated series of Parovoz Studio

Digital Television Company and Alibaba Group have finished the sale of media rights for 10 popular animated series of Parovoz Studio to China. Namely those series are Be–Be–Bears, Paper Tales, Leo and Tig, Fantasy Patrol, F.A.S.T., Magic Lantern, Rolando Locomotov, Woodventures, Cutie Cubies, and Heroes of Envell.

Development of russian animation

A general meeting of Russian Animated Film Association’s (RAFA) members was held on 2 March. There were 47 representatives and 36 studios-members of Association from 6 regions of Russia among participants!